Negiel Bigpond

President of Two Rivers Native American Training Center, Board Member

Kathy Branzell

President of National Day of Prayer Task Force, Board Member

Kevin Brown

President of Asbury University

Sally Burke

President of Moms in Prayer

Kim Butts

President of Harvest Prayer Ministries

Pat Chen

Founder of First Love Ministries, Board Member

Dick Eastman

President Emeritus Every Home for Christ, Board Member

Geoff Eckart

CEO of Never The Same, Board Chairman

Troy Evans

Founder of Hustle Pray Eat

Dave Kubal

President of Intercessors for America, Board Member

Thai Lam

Director of Luke 18 Project & Collegiate Day of Prayer

Matt Lockett

Director of Justice House of Prayer, Board Member

Niko Peele

Ignite Movement

Glenn Sheppard

President of International Prayer Ministries, Board Member

Tyler Staton

Director of 24-7 Prayer USA

Olivia Williamson

Director of Claim Your Campus