Here you will find the two resources that the NPC was instrumental in developing, and resources on prayer and revival that were written by our members. This is not a store where you can purchase the products, but each product is either linked to a location where you can buy it, or ordering information is provided.

Prayer Connect Magazine (Sponsored by the NPC)


PC cover 12Prayer Connect is a bi-monthly, full color, subscription-based magazine (offered both in a print or digital format) that will encourage, challenge and equip the reader to develop his or her prayer life. While it covers all aspects of prayer, its primary focus is on teaching people to pray God’s purposes for their lives, churches, communities, nation and world.

Each issue has a theme, regular departments (news, ideas, classics, revival, prayer on the internet and help for prayer leaders) and several non-theme articles on various aspects of prayer.

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Giving Ourselves to Prayer: An Acts 6:4 Primer for Ministry  –  Compiled by Dr. Dan Crawford


Giving Ourselves to Prayer is an 80-chapter, 584-page textbook on prayer designed for pastoral majors at Bible colleges and seminaries. It was developed by our Task Force on Theological Education in answer to a glaring need—a majority of pastors have not had one class on prayer in their entire education. As a result, besides colleges purchasing this book for a class, many pastors are buying it to get the foundation they never had in their education.

Giving Ourselves to Prayer is divided into 4, 20-chapter sections: The Theology of Prayer, The Pastor’s Personal Prayer Life, Prayer in the Church, and The Missional Aspect of Prayer.

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Desperate for Change: 40 Days of Prayer for America  –  By Dave Butts


America is clearly in trouble. We have lost our spiritual and moral moorings. There was a time when God was welcome in the public arena in America. But today, He is distained and forced out. As a result, America is spiraling downward in decay financially, spiritually, and morally. Is there hope for God to touch us with spiritual awakening as He has in the past?

It is time now for the Church of Jesus Christ to cry out to God as never before, with a unified voice, to ask for forgiveness and His blessing on our nation again.

This scripture-based guide offers 40 inspiring daily devotions and 40 scriptures to pray for our nation. It is an excellent resource for an individual or to use in an all-church prayer initiative.

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