Mission of NPC

Centered on the Lord Jesus Christ, America’s National Prayer Committee exists to provide collective servant leadership to the national prayer movement.


Our Values

– TO FOSTER A RESTORATION OF CHRIST’S CENTRALITY AND FULLNESS throughout the Body of Christ, and specifically within the national prayer movement.

– TO PROMOTE THE BIBLICAL HOPE of revival in the Church, leading to the intervention of God in mercy, justice, righteousness, reconciliation, and completion of the Great Commission of Christ.

– TO PROVIDE A FORUM FOR PRAYER LEADERS, both national and regional, from all ethnicities and denominations, to synthesize an interactive vision for revival, leading to awakening, evangelism, and discipleship.

– TO DEVELOP A UNITED VOICE AMONG PRAYER LEADERS that speaks lovingly to central issues in prayer and revival, preparing the way for a supernatural work of God in our churches and our nation.

– TO “WATCH AND PRAY” OVER THE PRAYER MOVEMENT fostering and protecting it as we intercede for it and for one another.

– TO FACILITATE COLLABORATIONS IN MINISTRY among national prayer leaders as we serve the prayer movement together.

– TO COMMUNICATE WIDELY developments in the prayer movement, as well as God’s answers to our prayers, in support of an acceleration of the moving of God in our land.

– TO SERVE, LEARN FROM, AND ENCOURAGE those who are advancing the prayer movement on every front and level, both nationally and worldwide.

– TO OFFER COUNSEL AND ENCOURAGEMENT to those who are advancing the prayer movement on every front and every level.

– TO ENCOURAGE THE DEVELOPMENT OF RESOURCES, spiritual, educational, and material that are needed to strengthen and equip the national prayer movement.

– TO FACILITATE A BROADER NETWORKING between prayer leaders and other Christian leaders committed to a national spiritual awakening to Christ.


Our Call

We recognize our absolute dependence on God and our desperate need for divine intervention. We believe God is urging us to call all Christians of America to unite in humility and repentance across ethnic and church boundaries to pray persistently for a moral and spiritual awakening in the Body of Christ. We believe this will greatly advance His Kingdom in our nation and worldwide.


Our Covenant

We covenant to obey this call by taking the following actions:We will promote this call as broadly as possible.

Individually, we will commune with God and pray with faith daily. We will encourage and participate regularly in corporate, believing prayer.

We will fast as God prompts us. Feeling incomplete without embracing God’s family from all races, we will seek reconciliation and participation with all brothers and sisters.

We will pray until God sovereignly acts.

Privacy Policy:

The National Prayer Committee website protects the privacy of our members and does not sell or share any emails or information of members unless permission is given by that member for a special reason.