About NPC

America’s National Prayer Committee (NPC) was founded in 1979, and has given birth to many united prayer initiatives, both in the United States and within other nations (especially through its development of the International Prayer Assembly). 

The NPC actually began as a subcommittee on prayer at the International Congress on World Evangelization held in Lausanne, Switzerland. Out of the Lausanne gathering came the U.S. Lausanne Committee, now Mission America, and America’s National Prayer Committee. Members of both Mission America and the NPC adhere to the Lausanne Covenant.

 The current Chairman of the NPC is David Butts, founder and president of Harvest Prayer Ministries. Previous Chairmen have included NPC founder, Mrs. Vonette Bright, Co-Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ International, Dick Eastman, International President for Every Home for Christ, and David Bryant of Proclaim Hope!

 The NPC fosters a number of projects including the Taskforce on Theological Education, Prayer Connect magazine, the Denominational Prayer Leaders Network, and others.

 The NPC consists of ministry leaders from a wide spectrum of the Church. In order to be an official member, a person needs to lead or be part of the leadership of a national or regional prayer ministry. To join the NPC a person needs to be invited to a gather by another member, after which time the NPC member can put the guest up for membership vote. Primary oversight and direction of the business side of NPC activities is entrusted to the Executive Committee

Privacy Policy:

The National Prayer Committee website protects the privacy of our members and does not sell or share any emails or information of members unless permission is given by that member for a special reason.